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Article 18.01.2012, 03:35

MUSIC (1972 – 2000) Student works 1972  Music for Strings  Not available  01 Notes:  Music for Strings (1972-01) is a student composition. The manuscript exists. Not available. 1974  Music for Strings II (1972-01)  Presumed lost  01. Notes:  The composer lost the score and parts for Music for Strings II (1974-01). 1976  Intonatione  Presumed lost.  01 Notes:  This work for prepared piano was performed at a ...


Toccata in A minor

Article 18.05.2011, 00:44


Symphony No. 8 (First Movement)

Article 18.05.2011, 00:39


Violin Solo and Variations (Symphony No. 10, Second Movement)

Article 24.04.2011, 15:13


Symphony No. 8 (Third Movement)

Article 13.04.2011, 14:17


Symphony No. 10 (First Movement)

Article 05.03.2011, 18:57


Toccata in E minor

Article 30.12.2010, 00:40


A Barbeque in Bladen County, North Carolina

Article 17.05.2010, 18:44

Cultural Geography is the study of the distribution and diffusion of social values, traditions, home-grown technologies, and regional particulars such as food. In North Carolina, pork barbeque is the one food that has become the object of regional rivalries, and many a family has handed down unique recipes for sauces for generations. Some variants include clam juice, ice tea, orange juice, honey, and crushed apples. However, there are two broad categories that represent regional preferences, eastern and ...


The Historical Landscape

Article 17.05.2010, 17:59

Personal knowledge of an actual landscape is essential for interpreting its past. On another level, there are countless reasons that are both gratifying to the thirst for knowledge, and to serve personal development, for having a more visceral appreciation of a place in time. For all the joys that antibacterial soap and microwavable entrees have provided, we labor under the specter of an unacceptable future beyond the most outlandish Victorian fantasy. The present is defined outside time and space by the ...


After the Storm

Article 17.05.2010, 17:29

Mechanical problems are one of the facts of life that the farmer has to deal with regularly. Machinery and dirt do not mix. No piece of machinery, no matter how well designed or how new, can be expected to work perfectly in the dirtiest environment imaginable. A combine is a particularly complex machine. Belts, pulleys, chains, gears, and a host of other moving parts make it one of the few human contrivances with the built-in potential for frequent mechanical breakdown. Still, one can only marvel at the ...