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Download this Volume of Brass Music for Free

Article 14.11.2015, 18:18

This volume contains several scores for brass instruments and brass ensemble. Parts are included. Download them from my page at no charge.


Early Symphonies (1-4) Revised 2014

Article 25.10.2014, 18:02


The New Hanover County Slave Deeds Database

Article 08.01.2014, 14:21

Follow the links given below.


Three new organ toccatas

Article 23.10.2013, 18:32

James C. Burke composed these three organ toccatas recently. Toccata in G Minor Toccata in C Minor Toccata in B Minor


New Hanover County Slave Deed Project

Article 03.09.2013, 20:30

County Register of Deeds offices in North Carolina have kept property records since the 1700s. Because enslaved persons were considered "property" prior to the end of the Civil War, transfers were recorded in the Register of Deeds offices. By locating and transcribing these records and placing them in an accessible database, students in a 2013 Cape Fear Community College Critical Thinking courses bring this part of local history to life. New volumes will be added in the fall of 2013. ...


Book review

Article 12.01.2013, 14:27

See link below


More complete audio files on the Internet Archive

Article 19.09.2012, 17:56

James C. Burke audio files on Internet Archive  


Listen to the complete "Zintsmaster Symphonies" on the Internet Archive

Article 19.09.2012, 06:17

The Zintsmaster Symphonies (Symphonies 5-7) When I was studying composition in the 1970s, everything progressive had to be atonal. Before my undergraduate studies were complete, the fashion turned to Minimalism. I have lost count of how many times the progressive style has changed over the decades. As a church organist, my fellow musicians recommended the virtues of modern modal compositions. I composed a number of pieces in that style. By 2003, after a career change to geography, I began ...


The Piano

Article 10.09.2012, 01:30

Music had always been an element in the home life of my parent’s families. Both of my maternal grandparents could play the piano. I had several chances to hear my grandmother play while she was living, but I never had a chance to hear my grandfather at the piano. However, I did hear my grandfather sing many times (he was also an accomplished whistler with an incredible range). He also fashioned flutes from the bamboo that ran wild when his neighbor's nursery was abandoned. My grandfather used a ...



Article 18.01.2012, 06:20

Recent music 2000  No new music was composed during this year. 2001 Burke, James C. 2001.“Wedding Recessional” in The Organist’s Companion, Warner Bros. Publications U. S. Inc. Vol. 23, Number 5, 4. 2001 Burgaw MusicaNeo 02 Notes: This work was composed in 1996, but not scored until 2001. 2002 The Intrepid MusicaNeo 01 Notes: This is an early version of the Third Movement of Symphony 6. The score is included in Volume 2 (Chamber Music), and is available as a free download. ...